Explore the Wild Side of Tanzania’s National Parks

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Arusha National Park in the northern part of the country covers 53 square miles. There are  number of different habitats and terrain can be explored here, ranging from three wetland ecosystems to the peak of Mount Meru. With the airport a mere 37 miles away, this park has been dubbed the “safari capitol” of the region. To get more information about tanzania safari tours visit at http://aaafrica.net/.

Though it may be the smallest at only 20 square miles, don’t let the Gombe National Park’s size fool you. This park is packed with primates and was where British researcher Jane Goodall conducted her study on chimpanzees. Companies will also have a chance to see some off the 200 altered species of birds that make this their household.



Gauging in at 1726 square miles, Katavi National Park is the country’s third largest park. At all located in the southwest, there are common sightings of Elephants, buffaloes, giraffe, zebra, impala and reedbuck. Large populations of hippos and crocodiles also reside here.

Anybody wanting to feast their eyes on the world famous Mount Kilimanjaro will want to head to the park of its namesake. Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is the highest peak on the continent of Africa and is home to the tallest free standing mountain in the world. Mostly a destination to see the land and vegetation, as there is little game; it is certainly a treat for those interested in mountaineering.

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