Facilities That You Need To Check Prior Booking Hotels in Riyadh

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I have come up with the list of essential amenities which should be accessible for every Riyadh resorts.

Free Parking

The people from the city side most often visit Riyadh in Saudi Arabia as a weekend retreat. They will mostly reach the resorts in Riyadh via car and bicycles. The guests would rather have a vast safe and secure parking space where they can park their vehicles.


Free WiFi

If you are staying at a resort near Riyadh, they should supply an internet connection for their guests. The majority of the resorts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are providing Free Wi-fi to all their guests. This is because the guests would rather have a home-like atmosphere with great online connectivity.


Most of the people wish to pack lightly while they are on a journey. They expect few items to be easily available in their own rooms such as towels. It needs to be replaced daily for hygienic reasons. People despise towels which are not old and clean. There should be 2 towels in each hotel room that are super soft.


Nothing relaxes a tired body compared to the usual spa treatment. Business people and couples who remain in hotels in Riyadh favor Spa as part of their package. The Spa Service is billed separately according to the service you use.

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