Factors That Contribute To Roof Deterioration

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If you live in your home for a long period of time, there will come a time when you will need to replace your roof or repair it. Some of the factors that contribute to your roof getting damaged other than old age is the sun. Heat and the ultra violet rays from the sun make materials weak. This causes them to crack and break over some time.

Another factor is wind. High winds that blow up in the coast during the Atlantic hurricane season can pull the shingles of the roof away. This allows water and also dirt to collect and settle between the layers of the underlayment. This and also the moisture weakens and destroys the havoc on your roof. Trees cause damage to your roof. Those trees which have long and heavy branches scratch and puncture your roof. Falling leaves block the gutters thus interfering with the drainage.

Rain is another factor.it cause mildew and wood rot which can cover and soak your roofs insulation. This damages the roof. Moss and algae live on the wood shakes and shingles. They discolor  your roof and they can hold moisture causing wood rot ..fungus blocks  your roof gutter hence hindering  proper drainage flow. These factors would lead to your roof damage and you will need to replace your roof. You can learn more from the Hastings MN Roofing Co. professionals.

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