Fence Installation Cost – The Right Material

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Whether you're looking to keep intruders entering your property, or just looking to improve the aesthetics of your garden, it is worth knowing about fencing materials available to you and how they can affect the cost of the installation of the fence.

Below we have detailed some of the major types of fencing materials:

Metal fences

Obviously this is a good choice when it comes to security and strength. A wrought iron fence can be very intricately designed to create a beautiful finish while still maintaining the strength needed to make it very safe. They are also very vandal-proof as power making them very difficult to damage. With an online search, you can find out about your local wood fencing company.

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Wooden fence

Fences made of wood are the most popular options that you will see around today. They offer limited security compared to the iron fence but provide sufficient deterrent for most people quite as high. Wood fences can be painted or stained to any color you want to make them very versatile in any situation.

UPVC or Vinyl Fencing

A relatively new form of fencing material, UPVC fence tends to divide opinion. On the plus side, it's pretty cheap to install and does not require any maintenance, but many people do not like the plastic look and feel fence, preferring more traditional materials.

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