Four Ways Small Businesses Can Effectively Use Promotional Products

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You are a small business planning to invest money in promotional products. They may cost a little in the beginning but will later contribute towards your brand image. Plus, they are a free marketing tool that consumers will use every day. Below are ways small businesses can effectively use promotional products.

  • Give incentives

Promotional items can be given free to customers when they reach a particular purchasing limit or purchase a limited edition or high priced product. This will motivate and incentivise your customers to buy more from your company or at least spend up to a certain amount.

  • Social media giveaways

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are free platforms where small businesses can advertise and sell their products. However, promotional products can be provided as gifts to social media contests winners and in giveaways upon reaching a certain number of likes. This helps you in maintaining a healthy interactive relation with your customers.


  • Interact with bloggers and YouTubers

Bloggers and YouTubers have millions of viewers who listen to their advice and reviews every day. Sending samples of your new product lines to these people and asking them to review it online can be a great way to reach your target audience.

  • Use low cost but high utility products

It is always better to give away products which have a utility for your target customers. However, it is not important that these must be really expensive to produce. Pens, magnets, and stationary, are options of some low-cost promotional products, Brisbane has many companies which can help you design these creatively as well.

Use these tips to successfully use your promotional products and boost your business.

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