Furniture Removal: Make Sure You’re Organized On Moving Day

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One advice is to organize your ‘Packaging Equipment’ as soon as you can. That is your containers, tape, magazine and bubble cover. Your neighborhood furniture removalist can source this for you. Once this is in your own home you can begin packing at the own pace!

Early Packaging Tips:

Start packing the things inside your home you know you won’t use from now before a move. These may be the “extra” items in your own home.

Such as, the excess cutlery that you never use, the pans and pots that never get used, the excess linen, the youngster’s playthings that are stuffed away in the cupboard. You can also browse the web to get more information about furniture removal NYC at

Cover your extra crockery up in bubble cover or newspaper, giving all you will still use between now and the move. Carefully wrapping the crockery and other breakables do take time, which means this is something that can be done weeks beforehand without time restraints.

Use clear labeling on all your items, particularly if you start packaging early. The very last thing you want is to neglect what’s in your entire boxes and also have to speculate or start them before knowing where you can put them in the new house.

Don’t Empty Everything!!

Often people empty out all of their belongings from the locker of drawers, cabinets, and desks etc. This is a great idea if you have decided not to hire furniture removalist and do it yourself, as it makes the actual furniture much lighter. However, expert removalists have the necessary skills and equipment to lift heavy furniture.