Gender And Promotional Products

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When setting out your business plan you might target a specific age group but you may not always target a specific gender. This then affects the promotional products you produce in many different ways.



Promotional products keyed to women are likely to be makeup, while car accessories usually attract men’s attention.

When you’re making a business plan it’s important to consider the services you provide and the items that you sell, and then create promotional products that appeal to both men and women.


Colors appeal to people in different ways, evoking a range of emotions such as happiness, excitement and angry and so it plays a key role your business plan. While there are colors that are gender neutral such as black and white, there are others which attract men more than women and vice versa.


The product and the target audience that you aim at affect the packaging that you choose. It affects the choices such as whether or to go with bows or sparkles or to go for a simple box that screams sophistication. The gender that you are aiming your promotional products in Brisbane at plays a big role in your decision and companies like Promo Source Australia are there to guide you if needed.


Once you have chosen your promotional product, look for places to distribute it. Try to choose places that are frequented by both genders to make your advertisement more time effective.

These are just a few of the important decisions involved in choosing promotional products.

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