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Legal guardians take care of the child's personal needs, including housing, education, and medical care. The guardian can also take over the financial management of the child's property. Guardianship usually lasts until the child reaches adulthood. the child died; The child's property is depleted or the judge decides that guardianship is no longer required. A guardianship attorney is a person appointed by the court to replace a minor in legal proceedings in which the minor has a particular interest. 

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Courts may also appoint ad litem guardians for adults who are unable to make decisions on their own. Oftentimes, the legal guardian is a parent, close relative, or lawyer. Some countries also allow the appointment of an ad litem guardian to represent the interests of the child in the event of a divorce-related to custody issues. 

To place guardianship, the documents must be submitted to the competent court. The guardian is interviewed by investigators who then provide recommendations to the judge. The judge decides guardianship after the trial. The judge's decision is based on the best interests of the child. Guardianship is not granted unless parental consent; The parent has abandoned the child, or the judge ruled that it would not be in the child's best interest for the parent to have parental rights.

Unless the court ends parental rights, he must support the child. Support is usually the responsibility of the guardian. The guardian has the right to decide whether the child needs assistance from the state, the service must be in the best interest of the child. The legal guardian may be asked to provide a report on the financial records of the child.


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