Getting A Mini Facelift To Look Younger

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 Will that work? Will it make you feel any better to look young but in an altered way? Sure you may look a little better but is there even a sure possibility of it working without any side-effects? If it works then good for you, right? We really hope that there are no bad side-effects to getting a mini facelift in Houston.

But hey, congratulations if it does work out well for you. That must have cost a lot of money and guts. It is not easy to go through some kind of surgery even if it was not that a big one. No matter what kind of situation you have or whatever issue you may be in when going to a hospital, it still is nerve-wracking no matter how you look at it.

It can be even more nerve-wracking knowing that if you are going to a surgical operation there is this known fact in your brain that they are going to cut you up. And that IS what they will be doing.

They will be cutting you up and making some kind of operation to make you look younger, did you know that part of your face will be split open so they can lift the bottom part of that skin upwards and straighten out the wrinkles? And then they will sew that up and heal the skin as if nothing happened.

But the fact still remains, body. You WILL have a knife sticking in your face no matter how much you re trying to deny that face. Is it really a surprise? How else are they going to make you look younger with fewer wrinkles? Come on. To us, maybe if we are getting old we would just accept it and let it go.

What else are we going to do? The only thing we have issue with our faces is the fat and that is it. And maybe the eye bags but we like to think that those make us look like vampires who need a little sunlight. But, no, wait, that would kill us if we really were vampires. Okay backtracking now.

The only thing we can hope for is that the scientist will find a way to make us all immortal. Like, if their really was a Nicholas Flamel and his stone that grants him immortality and healing properties, then we hope our own scientists can replicate that.

But then again that sounds like a really bad idea. Pour planet would be filled with living humans and it would become overpopulated. We would then be forced to do some cleaning up if you know what we are saying. Yeah, we really do not want another repeat of the Holocaust, Jesus Christ.

But nonetheless when you do decide to do some changes to your face, at least make sure that you would not have some kind of lasting damage. Now would that not just suck overall? You went to get a facelift in order to look younger and healthier but then have a bad side-effect. Now is that just not sad?

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