Getting Around And Staying In Procida

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Since Procida is not as well known as its more popular counterparts, Capri and Ischia, one may wonder what exactly the logistics of moving around on the island involve and where one can stay, not to mention eateries and the like. While the island’s primary industry is fishing, tourism is catching on and therefore, one can find quite a few places to relax. Transportation in certain parts of the island is also fairly good, while other parts have retained a more authentic air by not allowing any traffic.

One can get to Procida using the ferry services from either Naples, Capri or Ischia. The ferry from the port of Pozzouli is easily accessible and reasonably priced. Once on the island, one can either walk up to Terra Murata or take a bus to avoid the steep climb. Other areas such as Il Casale Vascello and the Marina Corricella are only accessible through hidden passages and stairs. Marina Corricella also does not allow any traffic, which makes it the perfect place to have a quiet meal while sitting out in the sun. Corricella also boasts of some of the best dining areas although the food is of the same quality throughout. Specialties include spaghetti al riccio di mare and coniglio alla procidana.

If you plan to stay overnight there are quite a few hotels such as the Hotel La Corricella or the Casa Bormioli which can put you up quite comfortably. Mahée Ferlini who seems to be a travel loving person has pinned this destination on her Pinterest board. You can check Mahee’s profile on pinterest and discover such more places to visit.

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