Glow Sticks And You – A Unique Halloween Costume

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Glow sticks are a few of the most flexible celebration accents around. Since their invention, they’ve been shifted to fit into several forms, besides simply being used in crisis conditions.

You might discover there are a lot of strategies to have fun with glow sticks for your next party occasion. The glow stick is not only used for Raves or clubbing either. Many household style parties use the glow stick for glow shows and make the party more fun.


At children parties that can be made use of the glow. This item is a thick straw with shine stick substance between its dual vinyl walls.

You merely crush the shine stick tube within the straw to mix the fluids and make which phosphorescent glow and begin sipping your favorite beverage. The glow stick cloth will move down and up the straw every time you take a sip.

Besides this glow stick straw, it is possible to buy glow cups for your visitors to drink from. These cups have a little glow stay in their foundation which it is possible to break when you are willing to use them. They shine from the ground up for approximately eight hours and are fantastic for an after-hours party.

Glow sticks come in lots of colors so that you are able to discover a color or colors which fit nicely with your party theme. There are red ones, blue, orange, green, purple, pink, and yellow glow sticks and glow stick products out there.