GMO Safety Concerns That Affect Us All

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As long as the USDA and FDA fail to give importance and attention to the GMO safety concerns, genetically engineered products may continue to affect us all – sometimes without us even knowing. That's the main danger that consumers continually face because the US government continues to allow the GMO producers to sell their products in the market without properly informing the consumers.

GMO products – like beef and milk from modified cattle, genetically modified strawberries or GMO soy beans – will continue to threaten the health of consumers because they will have no way of telling whether a particular product is organic or not.

GMO plants and animals can also easily taint their non-GMO counterparts through cross-pollination and cross-breeding. When that happens, the resulting offspring isn't considered non-GMO anymore and may carry the modified genetic traits of their parents. The same thing goes with any other GMO product that they may encounter in the market.

This also could be one of the causes for getting impacted with the growth of cancerous cells since they are enriched with loads of chemicals like Roundup, etc. which are responsible for the outcome of cancer. If you or any of your known facing the same issue then you can consult a Monsanto roundup cancer attorney.

So if consumers don't want to eat GMO beef, they will have no way of telling whether the burger that they are eating is non-GMO beef or not.

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