Guidelines for Purchasing Tents

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The general rule is that you should give an allowance for the tent's capacity. That means getting a size that's labelled to accommodate a person or two more than the actual number of people that's joining the camping trip. This is to give way for all the camping gear that you will be bringing along, as well as satisfy the campers' personal need for leg room. You can also go for the vinyl general purpose medium tent as a perfect shelter.

Here are a couple of factors that you need to consider when buying camping tents:

As the general rule mentions, you have to anticipate the need for more room than you actually need. It's better to spend on a tent that gives you more space than to save on a tent that will force everyone to spend the night cramped in a small space.

The idea is to ensure that you're able to stand up straight while inside the tent. If you get a tent that's so short that you have to crawl just to get inside, then expect to bump your head on something each time you get up in the morning. 

However, you can only do this with bigger tents, such as the military tents you can find at army surplus auctions along with other camping equipment. If you're planning for a smaller, simpler camping activity, then you can go for the smaller tent, but you still need to ensure that you have enough room to move around.

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