Helpful Designing Tips for Vertical Gardens

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Vertical gardening has many things to offer to gardeners without space. The houses are now getting bigger and the open space around them is shrinking away. Most people like to design green walls in unique but practical ways. Here are some of the most popular ways to design it:

Never overlook the entrance: the entrance is the entry point and you can leave your first impression here. With a little imagination, this space can be an expression of creativity. An attractive gate makes a significant contribution to giving character and welcoming visitors.

Consider the durability of the structure: find out whether the garden receives a little sunlight. Also check that there are problems with access or mobility. Think about endurance before you design a vertical garden. Choose lightweight material that is easily removable if you need to reposition.

Look at the shadow factor: Depending on where the plant is located. If they grow upward, sunlight can be prevented from reaching the plant. Better to place the structure correctly. If they don't get enough sunlight, the plants will suffer. There are some plants that like to grow in the shade, while others like sunlight. Think about your preferences before choosing a particular type.

Considering the strength and height of the structure: attach the hanging basket or install it in reverse. Check whether there is enough support for her weight. Don't hang it too high because it is difficult to maintain.

Vertical gardens offer opportunities to save space. Just think about the points above so that your design not only looks good, but is also comfortable and accessible.

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