How Construction Lawyer Help Contractors?

  • February 9, 2019
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For a construction project, it is important to take help from a construction lawyer and use their experience. Right from the start of a project, construction lawyer represents many parties involved with the project like – owner, contractor, sub-contractor, architect and designer. If you’re a contractor yourself, then these are a few reasons to seek advice and legal help from a construction lawyer.

  • Help to Negotiate and make Drafts Related with Construction Contracts –When a company or owner is about to start a project they need to sign contracts with the contractor. A construction lawyer checks whether the contract is legally correct and makes sure there’s nothing fraud or misleading information written inside the contract.
  • Protect payment – Construction lawyer makes sure that the contractor gets paid on time for the completion of the project. In case if the contractor doesn’t get paid, then the construction lawyer can file claims against the project.
  • Assist with Proposals Based on the Project – A project construction involves various proposals like bidding for proposals etc along with different contract interpretations. Construction lawyer can assist the contractor by challenging un-awarded proposals.
  • Submit Construction Claims –For any construction dispute, a construction lawyer can file for claims based on various factors like disruptions, non-suitable conditions of the site, delays and defects in design and interference in work.

To be on the safer side, it is best to hire a construction law solicitor before you fall in any kind of trouble.

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