How do I clean a vaporizer with a waxy oil chamber?

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Vaporizers are devices that should be cleaned as often as possible. This is especially true for vaporizers that have a waxy oil chamber. Simply because there is going to be a sticky residue after you use it each time.

Cleaning your vaporizer will ensure the life of your vaporizer and keep it under any warranties that it may carry.

The first thing you need to do when cleaning an oil chamber vaporizer is, make sure that the chamber is pretty warm. This will make it easier to clean.

Remember to remove the battery and mouthpiece from the vaporizer after it has reached the desired temperature to clean.

The second thing you should do when cleaning a waxy chamber is to scrape gently around metal sides of the chamber. This will help to get the chunks of residue that remains out of the chamber.

You will complete this task by using a the dab tool. It is a little different than a cleaning brush and comes with most waxy oil vaporizer kits.

If you did not get a dab tool with your vaporizer kit, you could order one online from stores such as vapor-domain.

Once you have scrapped the chunks of residue out of the chamber, you can clean the mouthpiece. You can do this by using a damp q-tip.

You will gently rub around the mouthpiece with the damp q-tip.

Remember while you are cleaning the mouthpiece with the q-tip you can also clean the top of the wax chamber. But only clean the top of it.

You should also remember not to soak the q-tip. You don't want water dripping down into the heating element and ruining the device altogether.

Keep in mind, the more you clean your vaporizer, the easier it will become. It also ensures that it will last longer!

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