How To Avoid Pimples

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If you want radiant, glowing skin, eat tons of fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid fast food. Fast food isn’t fast by accident; it is a cheap and convenient substitute for a proper meal. Our bodies evolved to eat meat, eggs, greens, fruit and vegetables.

In recent millennia we have added grains and dairy, and although some people cannot tolerate these, for most they are healthy options. But sugar, refined flour, hydrogenated fats, refined cooking oils, processed fruit and vegetables (tinned and dried are not the same as fresh) all damage the quality of our food. Put diesel in a petrol car and the engine gets sick, which is exactly what happens when we eat an unnatural diet. All those toxins harm our liver, and ultimately our skin. Pimples then follow.

Another aspect of this is that refined foods lose many of the nutrients that we need. That is not just a reference to vitamins, but also to phytochemicals that are far more complex and far less understood than vitamins. These include the polyphenols, turpinines and other plant substances that act as powerful antioxidants. You cannot get these from popping pills, and science does not yet know enough about them to understand  their full importance. But they clearly have a role in human health, and losing them reduces our ability to run our bodies properly and without disease.  

By eating a natural, healthy diet, with food that you peel or chop rather than unwrap from a packet, you greatly reduce the chances of pimples. For those pimples that manage to pop up anyway, the best remedy is also a healthy, chemical free choice. So use a  sterilised pimple popper  to remove them gently.

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