How To Build The Serratus Anterior Muscle

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The serratus anterior muscle is more commonly known as the boxer's muscle, as a boxer would have to use this muscle a great deal more than most other people working would have to. Effectively this muscle controls the free movement of the upper arms and shoulders. A boxer would need this muscle to be as strong as possible to maximize their movement and the speed with, which they can throw punches at their opponents. Boxers therefore are keen to build up their serratus anterior muscle to improve their prospects of being successful boxers.

Exercise is key to building up this important muscle, which is something boxers do in abundance in any case. Weight training plays a central role in building up the muscle and increasing its strength. Boxers need strong muscles in order to the stamina to fight a full bout. They also need strong muscles to hit harder whilst being able to endure more punishment themselves. Yet boxers need to be fast as well as having strong muscles. A boxer does not have to build up their muscle to the same extent as a body builder does.

Without having a strong serratus anterior it would be pointless having large muscles in the rest of their body. Sparring and practice rounds are also useful in building up this vital muscle.

Finally a high protein diet or protein supplements are important for building up this muscle too.

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