How To Build Your Customer List Using Your Blog

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Lately, there is a buzz about blogs being able to build your customer list. There is a lot of truth to this but it does take calculated work – here are some tips, courtesy of marketing agency Azzuro Blu, which will help you to grow your customer list in ways you probably have never considered.

If you are dedicated and able to think “outside the box” and run with several systems at the same time, you simply can’t miss with generating a list of targeted customers from your blog.First, offline promotion is huge. As mentioned before, make it mandatory to have your blog web address in your “signature” when closing any letters, whether “snail mail” or email.

Pass out flyers, preferably 5 1/2″ by 8 1/2″ with a short headline and URL address to your blog.Second, reach out to join forces with other businesses that complement yours and propose to share the customer list. Explain that both of you will benefit from presenting your products or services to each list.

Don’t be afraid if either your list or your “joint venture” partner has a smaller list. Main objective here is to get your message out to more people and more businesses.Third, get hold of “free” lists of businesses. Comb the internet for associations or other business related organization web sites and see it they have a membership list that is accessible to the public. Even the “business white/yellow pages” would be a good “free” leads list to solicit sharing email lists. You will be amazed that, with a little coaxing, you will have great success with getting word out on your particular business by tapping into their lists.

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