How to Choose the Lawn Mower for Your Money

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The lawn mower is one of the basic things that you need to have if you own a lawn. That is because the lawn mower is the most important tool to keep the house's exterior in good condition. Whether your lawn is a wide or narrow one, you have to make sure you get the appropriate lawn mower to help out with the mowing.

There are numerous types of lawn mower that you can take advantage of nowadays. You have the push reel manual type while you also have the self-propelled ones. You can also choose to have a gas-powered type or an electric-powered type. If you opt to have the electric-powered type, you have to decide whether you will go with the corded or the cordless ones.

If you want less hassle with your lawn mowing project, then you better consider getting a self-propelled lawn mower. There are lots that are worth your money. One of the prime example is the Black & Decker LM175, costing only $174.

electric lawn mower


This sounds like promoting, but this based on the reviews from various users sharing their experiences online. First factor that comes into the picture is its ease of operation. It comes with an efficient engine as well, including other positive factors such as powerful motor, its cutting ability, and quality materials it was built from. But to give you wider option aside from this brand, below is a guide on how to choose the best self propelled lawn mower for your money.


The reason why people’s preferences are diverse is because of how comfortable they are with the product and services they bought. It doesn’t matter to them how much they have paid for it.


You need to choose between five different types of lawn mowers. There is the manual reel mower, popular amongst those who prefer the traditional way of mowing lawns. However, using this type is quite a headache as it comes with a challenge cutting grass more than 1 inch in height. Corded electric mowers, as the name suggests, comes with a cord. This is the choice amongst homeowners concerned about the pollution. Electric battery types is the cordless kind. This is the choice for those who don’t like cords yet still concerned about the pollution. The gas-powered mowers are known for its efficiency, durability, dependability and powerful machine. However, these types are very noisy, not to mention capable of throwing pebbles at your face. Lastly is the self-propelled gas mowers, which is best used by those who do not like the heavy mowers. This is convenient to those who prefer to have their yards vastly reduced with less effort to make the machine operate.


For the price of $174, you have high capacity lawn mower to use for your lawn. Even if you are on a budget, you can choose to have this particular lawn mower. It can give you a good lawn mowing experience worth your money. 

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