How to Prevent Adolescent Smoking?

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Factors That Influence Adolescent Smoking

Most people agree that the two leading factors that influence dysfunctional teenage behavior, such as smoking and violence, are poor role models and peer pressure.

Peer pressure can be extremely difficult for young people to handle because they are at the age where they have a deep need to fit in and to be noticed by people their age. You can hop over to this website to know more about the smoking prevention.

There are several ways for parents to guide children and one of these ways, free and open communication between parents and child, is a valuable tool to influence children to avoid smoking. Confidence grows stronger when children feel comfortable opening up freely to their parents.


The style of communication is also very important. It should be one of mutual respect, rather than the parents talking down to their children, making them feel inferior. Parents need to make a conscious effort to resist talking down to their children.

Parents ought to discuss with and explain to their adolescent children about smoking and make sure that they know the facts, as well as the dangerous hazards and destructive effects that smoking has on the human body.

Although this awareness may seem unpleasant and parents may want to shield their children from unpleasantness, it is in their children's best interest in order for them to be able to make informed choices regarding either smoking and sickness, or not smoking and health.

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