How To Reduce Thumb Sucking Habit In Children?

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It turns out that thumb sucking can have more of an impact on your oral health than you think. Research studies show that thumb-sucking affects your children's health. Therefore, thumb sucking is a coping mechanism or a self-soothing technique for those who may be suffering from psychological issues such as depression, nervousness or anxiety. You can also know more about thumb sucking prevention by visiting

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Here are some of the effects of thumb sucking:

Thumb sucking can wear down your teeth:

Regular thumb sucking can lead to continuous stress on your teeth causing breaking down of the enamel. While the tooth enamel is the hardest tissue in your body, it does not grow back once it is gone and loss of enamel can eventually lead to tooth erosion.

Germ Transfer:

If the bacteria get into your body through the mouth, it can be the beginning of an infection. Some children can also develop Staphylococcus aureus around their faces because of frequent thumb sucking and finger sucking.

Teeth Grinding:

Research studies have shown that individuals that suck their thumb are at a higher risk of developing severe teeth grinding. Bruxism which is also known as teeth grinding is the unintentional grinding of teeth and it can also cause gum recession as well as the loss of tooth in extreme cases. Teeth grinding can also lead to discomfort and damage to your jaw bone.

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