How to Remove Acne Easily

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If you are suffering from an acne problem, your first port of call in trying to counter it is cleanliness. Wash your face with warm, soapy water three times a day, and use a mild facial scrub once or twice a week.

Your next step is avoid junk food. All that hydrogenated fat and salt and sugar are pollutants that harm your health in general, which includes your complexion.  

Following on from this you need to improve your diet in a positive way. Don't pop antioxidant pills – they don't work – but do eat six or eight portions of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. 'Fresh' means fresh – not dried, frozen, tinned or anything else.

Drink plenty of fresh water. Not cola, other fizzy pops, aspartame sweetened drinks or packaged fruit juices  – all of which are high in sugar or chemicals and bring little nutritional benefit.

If all of that does not get rid of your spots completely, or if you have a an emergency and need to get rid of some spots quickly, try a pimple popper. Popping pimples with your fingers is asking for trouble, but using a sterile stainless steel pimple popper is safe, effective and fast.

Pay attention to hygiene when you use your pimple popper. Apply antiseptic before starting, and wash the pus away thoroughly when you finish.

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