How to Take Care of Your Opal Jewelry

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Opal is not as difficult as emeralds but many emeralds will damage easily. Here are the key things to consider when storing and wearing opal jewelry. 

Opal is fairly safe when cleaned correctly and isn't likely to crack or chip unless  it's give an ugly knock. You do need to be cautious not to allow the stone run against tough things or knock it.  You can purchase all kind of opal jewelry by visiting

Over time, little balls of silica come together and coating together until a comprehensive stone is shaped. Obviously, the balls or beads of silica within an opal are far more closely together.

Australian Triplet Opal 925 Sterling Silver Pendant - Electric Green/Royal Blue

Opals may comprise up to approximately 10 percent water. The color and fire with an opal comes in the bands of the silica balls. Balls decide exactly what light is reflected back into the eye. Many groups are near enough to reflect red light while some spaced a little differently will reflect green or blue light.

The balls divide the light and reflect a particular color depending upon how big the silica ball is. Cleaning is easily achieved with a gentle dish detergent in room temperature. This is a great time to examine and make sure the stone is tight and secure at the atmosphere.

Cold and heat can damage an opal. Generally, when really sudden and intense changes of temperature occur, an opal may be damaged. This is similar to heating the rock quickly using a Regular changes in temp will probably be secure.

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