How To Tell A Good Fruit From A Bad Fruit

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We should get plenty of our fruits and vegetables into our juice, but how do you tell a good fruit from a bad fruit? Are some fruits better for you than others? How do you make sure you get a good balance of vitamins and nutrients in your glass. What is the balance of fruits and vegetables you should be trying for?

The answers aren't always easy, but you'll learn more as you head in the right direction. To choose a fruit, you should first see where it falls on the glycemic index to judge how much sugar it has and how it will effect your sugar levels.

Consider how much flavor it has and how it will pair with the vegetables you prefer. Berries are probably one of the most popular fruits that are both low on the glycemic index and high in flavor. Vegetables, as a note, can be high in sugar too. More info on juicing recipes can be found at Sunflower Press.

Beets and carrots are very healthy vegetables, and you should use them in your juicer, but in smaller portions than other vegetables. They are high in sugar and they don't require large amounts for you to reap their benefits, so be careful of those hidden sugars and juice away.

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