How Window Tinting Can Improve Employee Productivity

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Ask any business owner what their most important resource is, after customers, and most likely they will respond with 'my employees'. Many business owners have researched the environmental and economical advantages of having their windows tinted.

These reasons can include added security, lowering energy costs and even eye-catching branding but one aspect many business owners overlook is employee productivity. Can window tinting really help boost productivity and employee happiness? Certainly can! Discover here how.

The Power of Color

Colour science, often called chromatics, can refer to the colour aspects – whether it is the science of colour pigmentation or effect that colour has on the viewer. The latter is also often called simply 'colour psychology' and it has been followed as a form of alternative medicine for generations dating as far back as ancient Egypt.

Like many ancient forms of alternative medicine, colour therapy has seen a resurgence in recent years. Studies on the effect of colour on people have been done in each ward of the prison to the space station.  After years of research as well as those who have returned to go through the study of ancient times, we now have a better idea of which colors evoke certain feelings or even action.

Choose Your Color

Dark colors like black, gray and brown have, as you can imagine, dark effect. These colours have long been associated with feelings of mourning or earthiness. In addition, they are also related to strength and stability. Black especially evokes strong feelings in the viewer and dark colours are not recommended for an office building in part because of the feeling they can bring but also because they can make a room look smaller.

Lighter colours such as yellow and white have been used for centuries to brighten even the smallest areas. The apartments and universities dormitories around the world use these bright colours to make the room look larger and more welcoming as well be seen as a sort of "blank canvas" that people can make their own.

Green and blue are often listed as the most favourite colour. Both are found in abundance around the Earth and this can go a long way in explaining their popularity. Both encourage feelings of calm and serenity to those who observe them.

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