Image Moderation on Your Website: A Quick Introduction

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If your website is dependent upon user submissions, then you face the very real problem of having to moderate the content of what your users upload to your system. Very few have the time to manually moderate all of the content that users upload to an online service. What is needed is a software system or application that can perform image moderation and filtering automatically. This can prevent offensive, adult content, and inappropriate photos and postings from reaching your viewable webpages.

There are options when it comes to image moderation software. Some require an assigned moderator to scan and remove offensive materials. Other software offerings allow you to set parameters for what is accepted and what is rejected for posting to your website. The key to successfully moderating your user submissions is to find the solution software or mobile app that works for your specific online service.

A program with a high efficiency moderation user interface will allow your designated moderators to assess thousands of photos in a short period of time, identifying and rejecting input photos as needed. Most software will allow you to track the performance of your manual moderators for quality control purposes.

WebPurify is a cloud-based service that gives you an option of human moderation of uploaded material or automatic moderation of the user uploads to your service. WebPurify works in conjunction with Cloudinary to provide extensive storage space for your media library while delivering moderation services to assure the integrity of your website. One of Cloudinary’s offered services is the ability to moderate uploaded images “on-the-fly”, thus delivering them to your users in optimal formatting and securely cached. 

Maintaining good customer relations while securing the integrity of your website is a balancing act that must be done successfully if your business is to continue to grow and improve. Moderating input from users can be easily managed with image moderation services.

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