Important Uses Of English in International Business

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The major factor involved with the significance of English in international business is that the acceptance of English as the global language of the business community for the purpose of uniformity in communicating. Accepting English eliminates the need to research an alternate language. If not English, then what language functions best for the worldwide business community?

 English as an International Language

 Perspective of English as Global Communication

 If English as a global language “means that English has the broadest distribution on the most continents, it’s true. If it implies that English is the language most utilized for international communication between and among language communities, it’s true. But if it suggests that English is the language of all the individuals on the planet, it is manifestly untrue” (Harris, 2001, 685).

 Perspective of English as Learned Communication

“It is crucial that students are equipped with-and be aware of both the linguistic and strategic repertoire that they can draw out in situations in which they use English to communicate with people who don’t share their first language and culture. In addition to the development of tactical proficiency, students also need to be educated that communicating is a two-way road.

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 English in International Business Communication

“In considering the effect of English on global business, there will be two effects: the intra-language effect and also the inter-language effect. The intra-language effect would link to the impact that English has in sparking global business action between English-speaking countries” (Hejazi and Ma, 2011, 153).

If the native English of all the two countries is slightly different, it still might have the sense of dealing with a non-English speaking nation if time isn’t spent coming into an agreement defining company English. Business professionals new to a market will benefit by finding out how things operate and utilize the identical language the other market stakeholders are utilizing.