Increasing Construction Projects To Increase Auger Drilling Market

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The global auger drilling market is expected to grow at a healthy rate over the next few years. Drilling has the potential to go to a great depth that can also be used by mining companies. The auger drilling does not cause any damage to the workspace.

The global auger drilling market is expected to expand in the market due to rapid industrialization and an increasing number of construction projects worldwide. These drilling machines are easy to transport and move from one place to another. You can also click to read more about auger drilling.

1M5C Earth Drill

Hollow stem auger drilling to promote the development

Hollow stem auger drilling is a cheaper version of auger drilling. It is good for environmental and geotechnical applications, also ideal for deep drilling through silt, and clay. The depth capacity of drilling hollow stem auger depends on lithology. These drills can reach a depth of 450 feet using 31/4 auger blades.

Some of the more features of drilling hollow stem auger are -

  • Cost-Effective – These drills are cost-effective compared to other methods.
  • Wide applicability- They can be inserted in various applications, thus, they are versatile in nature.
  • Sampling – In addition, they work by sampling methods, therefore, they do not contaminate the entire area.

All these features and benefits are expected to expand the global auger drilling market in future years.

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