Intel displayed the first smart phone with its Realsense 3D technology.

  • April 9, 2015
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In the IDF2014 which was hold last year, Intel has already displayed its RealSense 3D technology. Following that, in Sept, 2014, Dell launched Venue 8 7000 tablet pc. It is the first product coming with this RealSense 3D technology, and it is also called the most slim tablet pc in the world. Its thickness is only 6mm. 

Yesterday, the IDF 2015 was opened. In the new IDF, Intel displayed its new generation RealSense 3D module. Compared with last generation module, the size and thickness are both reduced 50%. That means this RealSense 3D technology can be used in smaller or more slim products. 

In meanwhile, CEO Of Intel also shown one smart phone with this RealSense 3D module. It is the first mobile phone with this 3D technology. As what Intel said, in near future, there will be more and more tablets pc and smart phones coming with this RealSense 3D technology. 

But in IDF 2015, Intel did not tell too much about the smart phone it showed. But from the picture, we believe this new generation RealSense 3D module is already massively produced, maybe also started to supply to manufacturers. 

As our news, many app developers have already started to develop special APP for this 3D technology. This new technology will bring us more interest in our daily life. 

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