Is It LASIK or PRK for You?

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There are now a various modern procedures and approaches to corrective eye surgery, according to All About Vision. These procedures include LASIK and PRK that both use laser. If you are looking at this link that will help in choosing between the two procedures, it would most likely be the creation of flap. PRK or Photorefractive Keratectomy creates no flap, while LASIK or Laser Assisted in-situ Keratomileusis requires a flap. If you wish to know more technical and medical details about these procedures, you would want to ask your eye surgeon to explain them to you or you could do your own research.

End Results Compared 

Yet, you would likely want to know more about the end results more than the grim details of the operation. When it comes to vision quality, both LASIK and PRK can deliver good results on high definition vision, clarity of vision and contrast. Night vision from a Lasik procedure is said to reduce by 24% while PRK results to 16% reduction in night vision.

LASIK would require 1-2 days of recovery plus up to two more weeks to allow the flap to heal. Although there is no flap in PRK, this older method requires visual recovery of up to four weeks.


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