Is the Indian Art Market Going Down?

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If you follow the Indian news closely, you would realize that the government has been making a lot of promises on ensuring that the art and craft section of the Indian populace grows at an astounding pace. However, in reality, one would be able to see that there are a lot of problems associated with the Indian paintings. For example, you would not only be able to witness the overall growth of the seminal aspects of Indian paintings, but you would be able to see its resurgence without any issues of problems after a couple of years. For people like Thota Vaikuntam, the news is extremely good.

This means that the government is active in promoting and providing a certain platform for the painters the so that they would be able to showcase their form of art and get the kind of exposure that they deserve. Overall, it goes to see a lot about how painters have been perceived by society and the due recognition that they have been getting lately. In contrast to every other thing that has been mentioned about Indian paintings, you have to realize that with proper encouragement and support, it is also going to stand up on its own 2 feet.

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