Johnny Nelson’s examination of Mayweather versus McGregor will shock boxing fans

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Boxing master Johnny Nelson has disclosed to Sky Sports News that age could make up for lost time to 40-year-old Floyd Mayweather against Irishman Conor McGregor.

"The one thing you need to pay special mind to, we should not overlook, Floyd Mayweather is 40 years of age," Nelson said.

"He's been out of the ring for some time.

"I know he's the best level, we're supposing there's no possibility this person will lose, however, Conor McGregor is a quick individual, he has control in the two hands.

"We need to perceive how age has influenced Floyd Mayweather.

"In my mind, Floyd does it pass on, yet we should not overlook he's in there against a 29-year-old hungry man that can hit, that is quick and that needs it. So it is not a done arrangement."

The Dubliner has unquestionably talked a decent amusement, and on the substance of it, has dominated the competition amid the hurricane special visit.

It's one thing looking and sounding great on a limited time organize, yet with regards to the genuine article on August 26, it will be a very surprising ball game.

McGregor has never boxed at an expert level, nor has he at any point been in the ring with an expert contender. 40-years of age he perhaps, yet "Cash" Mayweather has been doing it since he was an adolescent.

There is one huge disservice the 29-year-old has that the more established Mayweather does not, ring create. The imperative expertise of where to put your feet in the ring, when and how to utilize your hands in assault and barrier comes more actually to the American than too the Irishman.

Of course, McGregor has that to a specific degree, yet Mayweather has it in plenitude.

This won't be a jumble of two distinctive battle disciplines like Ali–Inoki in '76, or when Hulk Hogan went up against the Italian stallion in 1982 amid Rocky III.

This session is absolutely about boxing, and Mayweather wins that every time.

That breeds an abundance of experience and with a battle record of 49-0, it's difficult to wager against the 40-year-old.

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