Kid Friendly Holidays – The Gold Coast

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There is a long list of options when it comes to choosing a place to stay on the Gold Coast. There is some fantastic resort that has great activities and family-friendly options that not only keep the kids entertained but also allows for a parent to a well-earned rest and recuperation.

If the resort is not quite what you are looking for, there are plenty of fantastic self-contained apartments available for short-term rental. If you're looking for some more ideas for kids holiday activities, you can simply browse

By choosing an apartment, you usually will have a full kitchen to cook in (if you want to save money), a decent-sized living room and the bedroom is full so that everyone has their own space.

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Activities and Entertainment

If you want theme parks, the Gold Coast is the best place to go to Australia! Warner Brothers are your family the opportunity to experience a bit of Hollywood on Australian soil, while Sea World is perfect for those who love everything related to aquatic wildlife.

Speaking of water, and Wet'n'Wild Water World is the place to go for families who love a little adrenaline or just playing in the water.

For a garden with a little bit of everything, Dreamworld offers a variety of events, attractions, and rides for every age group.

In addition to the park, there are many activities that families can do together while visiting the Gold Coast.

There are many nature reserves dotted around the Gold Coast and they provide great interaction with some remarkable creatures and have always been very educational for the children of the family (and even adults!)

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