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Cantilever racking is a type of racking system consists of heavy duty steel girders for the frame and heavy duty steel projected arms bolted at one end to the frame. The projected arms are adjustable so as to allow several rows or layers of stacking in the same floor space.

These storage systems can be painted using a standard set of colors and can be galvanized to protect and give the system better endurance for outdoor industrial storage uses. The adjustable arms make it easy to store items of different sizes and thicknesses in the same floor space. They can be constructed to your specifications for any storage need – large or small. You can also look for shelvingdepot to get best quality shelving solutions.

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Cantilever racking systems are built to hold a great deal of weight. Many of these industrial storage systems boast weight capacities in excess of 30 tons per upright. Storage of plumbing and electrical components, such as copper pipe, metal and plastic conduit and plastic piping are easily and safely accomplished by the use of these systems.

The design of the system includes three heavy gauge steel uprights with horizontal bases. The adjustable arms are also made of the same heavy gauge steel as the uprights. The arms are bolted in place using heavy gauge steel bolts and a special bracing system at one end of the arm beam. 

It is the combination of weight distribution by the design of the unit and the heavy gauge steel used in the components that work together to provide the resulting strength and support capacity. This construction allows Cantilever racking systems to be used in warehouse storage uses as well as industrial storage applications.

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