KVM Switch: Device To Connect Multiple Computers

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KVM Switch is a switching device which is used to attach two or more computers with a solo keyboard video mouse system. The range of KVM related switches starts from 2 to 32 ports. The use of switches depends upon the necessities. Normally 2 port and 4 port KVM switch is used for household or small workplace use while the other port switches are engaged in business and enterprise level.

Some details of these switches are as follows:

USB KVM Switch: With the help of USB Switch we can attach 32 computers with one USB device. These are also comes in 2 to 32 port and backing resolution up to 1920 x 1440. It is the most common device for easy assembly via USB switch.

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IP KVM Switch (KVM over IP): In the above two switches the distance is a major drawback. The KVM over IP has no hindrance of distance. You can easily access your server via a 128 bit secure browser from anywhere in the world over TCP/IP. Due to remote access facilities it is widely used in investigation purpose.

DVI KVM Switch: The DVI Switch is used to transmit the digital data to DVI display device without any misuse of data. You can attach multiple computers with the support of usb keyboard or mouse. It supports resolutions up to 1600 X 1200 at 60Hz.

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