Lack of Vitamins and Minerals in Babies

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Vitamins are substances absolutely necessary for the proper process of the human body in babies. To begin with, parents shouldn't forget one thing: the best foods for young children are fruits and veggies which are the richest sources of minerals and vitamins.

So, children should eat daily, even every meal if possible, a fresh fruit combined with honey and other components. The role of vitamins and mineral salts is essential to develop and strengthen body resistance of young kids.

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What kind of disease may prevent the use of vitamins and minerals?

Their management prevents vitamin deficiencies, which affect development and contribute to the development of dementia, rapid fatigue, wheezing or metabolic and hormonal disorders. Both mineral salts and vitamins are used too in chronic diseases.

Lack of calcium often contributes to the look of rickets, the underdevelopment of teeth, the muscular weakness and lack of appetite. The shortage of iron and vitamin B9 cause anemia, lack of fluoride contributes to caries; phosphorus lack contributes to bone disorders, and magnesium lack to spasmophilia and circulatory disorders.

First, parents should not forget that these extra doses of vitamins in children and babies should be carried out with expert medical advice. The surplus of vitamin A leads to chronic poisoning, and of vitamin C leads to kidney stones and diarrhea. Nonetheless, these instances are rare.

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