Lap Band Surgery – Cost Considerations

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Lap band surgery is a procedure aimed to reduce weight loss for people struggling from obesity. Overall, the lap band surgery can be a simple procedure where, in a nutshell, a small implant is put around the top part of the stomach to type a 'gastric pouch'. This is how it works:

A 'band' with a small balloon inside is attached about the top portion of your stomach, forming a small 'gastric pouch'. The placement of your band creates a small pouch near the top of the stomach that supports to approximately 30 ml, which calculates to about 1/8 goblet. You are inclined you can eat less because the pouch holds less food than the whole stomach. As the upper area of the stomach registers itself as being full, it sends a note to the brain saying that the entire stomach is complete. To know more facts and figures of weight loss surgery, you can navigate through this site.

This pouch is stuffed with a saline solution or perhaps a Radiopaque isotonic solution that is injected into the band using a port. Via the vent, the surgeon has control over how much saline solution that is inserted in the band. When fluid can be injected, the lap band grows and places pressure around the outside of the stomach. This causes a decrease in how big is the passage between the pouch and the lower stomach; restricting your movement of food.

The band can be adjusted or inflated using a small port inserted just under the surface of the skin.

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