LCD and LED Comparison

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Comparing the old TV and the new TV nowadays, we will notice that there are several groundbreaking improvements which has made the new TV to fully replace the old TV. The new flat screen TV is often marked with the outer looks where it has a slim frame which is accompanied by a flat screen. Therefore we will see a luxurious TV with its slim frame and also a flat screen which will save some spaces in our room. These groundbreaking innovations are also mated with the implementation of advanced backlight technology. The advanced backlight technology can only be found in TV with flat screen. LCD vs LED has become a hot topic since the flat screen TV hit the market. Becoming hot topic because of the huge gap of differences between LCD TV and LED TV. Well, from the outer look of TVs with flat screen, we won’t notice any differences between LCD TV and LED TV but once we see the full detail of each TV then we will know some significant differences between LCD TV and LED TV.

Backlight Technology

A 32 inch TV with LED technology and a 32 inch TV with LCD technology may look the same from both outer appearances but when it comes to quality and price, those TVs are quite different. The first thing is about the price where LCD TV is often priced cheaper comparing to LED TV thus if we are looking for a cheap TV with a flat screen, then LCD TV is the most recommended TV. However, LCD TV’s cheap price is an exchange of three flaws. Those three flaws are the poor display quality, n power saving feature, and also huge heat emission. Those three flaws were what LED TV tried to improve as the upgraded version of LCD TV thus if we are looking for a good quality TV then LED TV is more recommended. You can see Exim TV Designs for 32 inch TVs or browse through other reliable sources on internet.

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