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There has been renewed interest recently in natural childbirth. Many women realize that there may be complications of epidurals and other drugs against pain. And they also want to fully experience the birthing process, not just numbed with painkillers.

As more and more women gravitate toward HypnoBirthing, they often do not realize that there are many HypnoBirthing programs to choose from. While all major programs are legitimate, it is extremely important to choose the program that best suits your learning style and personality.


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Too many people are simply borrowing a book HypnoBirthing from a friend or signing up for any method they stumble upon the first. The approach is wise to carefully consider each of the main methods and choose the one which suits your philosophy and lifestyle.

The five main methods are The Mongan Method, The Leclaire method HypBirth, Hypnobabies, and full birth Painless Gerald Kein method.

The Mongan Method Hypnobirthing was developed by Marie Mongan in 1989 and focuses on the release of your instincts calving through hypnosis to promote childbirth serene. The program is best suited for learning in a classroom.

Included with the class CDs, scripts, and a workbook. Although this method costs several hundred dollars, the classroom experience is very useful and the instruction is complete.

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