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If you're new to vape juice, or if you haven't been on Vape Juice Plus in a while, you might want to check out our site for the new product lines that we sell. Sometimes people come in and they do one of two things. They shop around, find their favorite vape and don't stop using it – which means they don't try our other blends, or they try something that's super sweet and hate it when they should have been vaping a minty and refreshing vape because they wanted an all day blend.

Vape Juice Plus keeps getting better

Vape Juice Plus keep getting better and better with great products like Drake, Gold Standard, Mystique, Clouds of Hope, and the ever-popular Space Jam Juice, you'll find your personal favorite in no time. If you're a newbie, make sure you check out our glossary where you can learn such great terminology as ADV, which is an all day vapor, and that perfectly describes our Space Jam juice line because we know not all the papers have to be sweet. That's why we created Space Jam juice, so you can have a hint of mint all day long. It's refreshing its light, and you can be in a nice as long as you want! Just don't stay in it too long. We have other new products for you to try!

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