Lyft And Uber Taxi Ride Sharing

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The Ride Sharing phenomenon is converting the world at quantum speeds, and the two fastest developing businesses are Uber and Lyft. There are uber and lyft promo for existing users as well as for new users. Promo code for lyft and uber gives you exciting discount offers and free rides.

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Although there are lots of similarities, there also are a couple of differences, and these differences can closely affect passengers. On the similarity facet, both corporations price approximately the equal; they are competing in the end. The apps are without problems downloaded on your cellphone, price is taken from your credit card, and rides usually arrive inside 5 to 10 minutes.

On the differences side there are a couple of items that affect the passenger a little, but the driver more. First, the pay for lyft is higher. Lyft charges about the identical, however they pay their drivers a higher percent. What this does is make the lyft driving force extra polite and caring. Also, lyft lets in, even encourages, tipping. As a driver for both Uber and lyft, I can tell you that these small differences make for huge impact.

One, experienced drivers generally tend to gravitate to lyft. This means that they'll understand the routes round town better, and get the passenger there faster and smoother.

Two, tips are incentive. I know one fellow who drives for both Uber and lyft, and he puts the spare bottles of water away, and the little snacks, whenever he gets a call from Uber. When he drives for lyft he gets them out again.

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