Manage Your Stress With Easy Tips

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Stress is an internal phenomenon. You might say, my office, my work place is stressful or my shopping mall gives me stress .But there are various methods that helps you will really help you to get relief from this.

There is no such thing as exterior stress. Stress is in your opinions, spirits and beliefs and how you choose to behave in response to an external pressure.You can also check to learn more about stress management.

If you feel that a situation is more difficult than you are skilled of handling, then you will experience stress.

These are major causes of stress:

Acute Pressure

It is pressure that continues for a short period of time. As an example, just imagine if you are a cat and strolling through the backyard, minding you are your own business, and when a dog jumps immediately jumps  over the fence and charges straight toward you. Your body would immediately by starting a series of neurological, biochemical and physiological actions, all designed to help you avoid the dog and survive. This automatic response is commonly referred to as the fight or flight response.

Chronic Pressure

Although this is not immediately life, over the long-term it can lead to fatness, weakened immune system, loss of memory and poor feelings of well-being. If we cannot eliminate or escape from acute stress, it soon develops chronic stress.

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