MayMac Fight: What Challenges Await?

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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight has already become a parade, no question about that. A fight between two of the most famous villain is described by explosive press conferences, media circus and a nine figure victory.

However, a bit reason why it’s irresistible is that the UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor is crossing the line just to face Floyd Mayweather. We speak with feminine top boxers and MMA fighters to have their judgement on the fight that both McGregor and Mayweather awaits this August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Claressa Shields

Shields is a two time Olympic gold medalist and WBC and IBF boxing champion. She said as we speak that she’s always been a fan of Floyd Mayweather but this time she became a fan of McGregor as well. “He is just so ruthless and reckless,” She said.  “It’s something that we’ve never seen before. Has there been this much trash-talk in boxing before?”

“I’m going with Mayweather all the way,” she said. The only chance McGregor has is the first two rounds if he will a punch luckily, which maybe will change the whole thing. She believed that McGregor don’t have any chance.

Michelle Waterson

Waterson is the ranked no. 6 for UFC Strawweight fighter. She said that MMA fighters is very different from a boxer, specifically, in footwork. UFC fighter is quite creative than a boxer that is traditional. Something that is new for Mayweather. It’s different in movement, style and pace. Her prediction is that she wants to put her faith on McGregor but Mayweather owned the boxing ring. “On any given day, anyone can get rocked,” she said.

Heather Hardy

Hardy, WBC boxing champion and MMA fighter. She said that the biggest challenge in jumping from MMA to boxing is the time you’re used of something that you can’t rely on within the ring. For example, he can’t kick inside a boxing ring, he can’t take Floyd on the ground and all those things that you can use in MMA. Her wager goes to Mayweather all the way.

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