Medicinal Mushrooms – Nature’s Perfect Healer

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You may have heard and/or cooked some of the most common culinary mushrooms: portabella, white buttons, etc.

However, there is an entire set of mushrooms called medicinal mushrooms, and these are not proposed to improve taste, although some can be used in recipes. They are often taken in the form of tea, tinctures and extracts, and capsules.

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These medicinal mushrooms include Reishi mushroom, Maitake mushroom, Agaricus mushroom (or Agaricus Blaze mushroom), Shitake and Coriolus. There are many others, but these are some of the most popular.

Medicinal mushrooms like these have much in common with humans in terms of their chemical and genetic composition. Many scientists say that fungi are genetically closer to humans than almost all other plants.

In this sense, some of the main mushrooms, often referred to as "medicinal mushrooms", can heal positively and affect the body, emotions and  thoughts.

Reishi mushroom is one of the leading medicinal mushrooms in China (though it occurs in other parts of the world). Reishi sponges are sometimes referred to as "eternity sponges" because they can be taken every day as "tonic" herbs and are useful for prolonging life.

Maitake Mushroom is one of the strongest medicinal mushrooms in the world. Maitake is used for both culinary and medical and is a very powerful source of beta-glucans polysaccharides – strong healing chemicals from the immune system.

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