Mineral Makeup vs Organic Makeup

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There are different kinds of make-up products available in the market. These range from highly pigmented make-up products to medium or sheer cover items. The kind of make-up people usually use depends on the kind of look they want to achieve. Two most common types of cosmetic products are mineral make-up and organic make-up products. Below are some differences between the two that make it easy for users to identify and switch when needed:


Mineral makeup

Mineral make-up products are made from different kinds of minerals and inorganic hues that exist naturally. These make-up products donot consist any kind of dyes, fragrances, mineral oils or fillers like starches or talc. Usually mineral make-up consists of very few ingredients and some of the most common ingredients used are iron oxides, zinc oxides, and magnesium stearate and bismuth oxychloride.

Organic makeup

On the other hand organic make-up products are made from plants and other organic sources. These make-up products do not consist of any kind of chemicals or ingredients that are synthetically produced or have any affiliation genetically modified organisms (GMOs). If you want to buy organic make-up products ensure that they come with an organic certification. The main ingredients of organic make-up are vitamins, plant extracts, essential oils and minerals. The common thing between organic and mineral makeup products is that they are free from chemical, parabens, genetically modified organisms, preservatives, and talc and are not tested on animals.

These are some of the differences and common aspects of mineral and organic make-up products.

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