Most Advanced Eye Surgery Method

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The latest technique in eye surgery, ReLEx Smile method, is completely changing the game, in all segments. The ReLEx Smile method kept all the great sides of some older procedures, like the LASIK eye surgery method, but also brought a lot more options and improvments. In the age of amazing technological breakthroughs, the lasers used in this method are so sophisticated, that the accuracy and precision of the instruments have reached perfection. With the ReLEx Smile eye surgery procedure, the patient is getting the best possible results, with minimal risk and recovery time.

ReLEx Smile stands for Refractive LEnticule ExtractionSMall Incision LenticuleExtaction, and it presents the least invasive eye surgery method in the history of ophthalmology. With only a small 4 mm incision created in the cornea, the clear front part of the eye, there is no need for a flap to be created, and the risk of any kind of infection is reduced to a minimum. This is also important for patients with drier eyes or thinner corneas who were unable to be operated until now. With no flap created, there is absolutely no interference with the biomechanics of the eye, and you can go here and find out why the flapless aspect of the procedure is so important. 

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