My Adventure To Find The Perfect Dog Treat

  • June 19, 2015
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Nobody could have prepared me for how frustrating and daunting making treats at home for my dog would be. Like most dog owners, I wanted my pooch to be happy and healthy. I am the kind of person who is always checking the ingredients on the bag of dog food and have a hard time feeding him anything that comes out of a can. When I looked into what kind of ingredients went into his treats, I was appalled. And so, like every child of the internet, I started looking for treat recipes.

I have no experience as a baker, so I was a little disheartened when I saw so many recipes call for baking equipment. A long visit to my supermarket yielded the items I needed such as baking sheets and a mixer. Before long I had made a huge mess of my kitchen and had a very small batch of treats that were so burned I could not feed them to my dog.

I eventually relented and gave up trying to make the treats. Fortunately, I found a great treat alternative. Bull Pizzle. If you have not heard of Bull Pizzle, it is relatively easy to explain. Bull Pizzle is dehydrated bull junk. That might sound gross to you, but dogs love it. It has a smoky flavor that dogs flock to, and since it is so tough and chewy you do not have to buy them too often. On top of that, it is totally natural. Once I started buying my dog Bull Pizzle I was able to stop worrying about what he ate. If you want to get more info about dog treats then check out this site:

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