Nuova Simonelli Oscar Espresso Maker Review

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Nuova Simonelli Oscar Espresso Maker is one of the greatest and affordable semi-automatic devices present in the market. Before this machine, it was very hard to find a reasonably-priced heat exchanger espresso machine. Since it has arrived, for people who love semi-automatic devices, making coffee has become more convenient. The best attribute of this product is that it has a very moderate price as compared to other heat exchanging machines. It is well-constructed and contains two separate water sources that are a tank model and a plumbed one. It possesses many more remarkable features. You can check the review of this espresso machine below:


1. Heat Exchanger

You might have heard of the espresso makers that come with a double boiler. It is a useful feature but not better than heat exchangers. This feature brews and steams simultaneously for you like a double boiler but at a much lower price point. It is one of the reasons why this product is highly affordable.

2. Portafilter & Water Reservoir

This machine uses a professional-grade, high-quality, and highly durable portafilter that is about 58mm big. Apart from that, it has an enormous water reservoir that can hold about 2.3 liters of water at a time, so you don't need to refill the tank again and again.

3. Simple Interface

This device supports a simple interface, and it is very easy to control. It has a steam knob and two buttons, so you don't need to waste your precious time in figuring out which switch performs which function.

4. Cup Warmer

The cup warmer is another useful feature that should be present in espresso makers. In this machine, you can find the cup warmer right at the top. Moreover, it is not an ordinary cup warmer as it can easily hold up to nine shot glasses or cappuccino cups.

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