Physical Therapy – A List of Methods Often Used by Experts

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Physical therapy is a medical practice to treat ailments, injuries, or physical deformities through medical methods that do not always require medication or surgery. Some of these methods are easy to pass while some will seem unusual to most people. Some commonly used methods are as stated below.

Manual Therapy: The most commonly used method by health specialists in this field is manual therapy. This involves using methods such as massage and stretching to stimulate the body to move easily. to find out about the best physical therapy treatment centers in NY, you can check out this source: New York Physical Therapy – Deer Park Physical Therapy

Use of Ice: Ice is used instead of manual therapy or in conjunction with it. This is used in physical therapy when swelling occurs because it relaxes blood vessels and thus prevents further swelling. 

Physical Exercise: Anything done other than daily practice can be considered a sport. This includes jogging, stretching to reduce stress on muscles and weight lifting.

Laser Therapy: This method uses light or laser technology to reduce swelling and pain. This, in turn, allows a therapist to be able to work in the affected area without having to bring pain to the patient.

Electrical Stimulation: The use of electric shock in the human body is known to have adverse effects but in this case has a beneficial effect. When the human body experiences a mild electric current the sensation at the point of contact disappears and it is possible to move that part.

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